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Welcome to Car Worship, Questions and Answers!

Starting May 24th, St. Paul will being offering Car Worship during our regular worship time of 10:15am.

What is car worship?

Think about it like a drive-in movie, except it‘s not a movie, but Lutheran worship. We will come together for a time of song, prayer, confession, and the proclamation of the Word. It is just like what we would normally do inside the church, but outside.

People drive to church and are shown by an usher to a parking spot where they can be comfortable for worship. The pastor’s microphone, piano music, and choral singing will be available via the radio in your car. Simply tune into the FM frequency posted and you will hear everything clearly.

What precautions are you taking?

We have a few guidelines that we are enforcing to keep everyone safe and so that we comply with government guidance.

  1. Parishioners are asked to stay in their vehicles at all times, except in cases of absolute necessity. Our restrooms will be open, and accessible through the Education entrance, but we want to limit how many people are in the building. It would be wise to use the restroom before coming to church.

  2. In those cases of absolute necessity, those outside their cars will be asked to wear masks.

  3. There will be hand sanitizer available outside the restrooms.

  4. There will be no handing out of materials. The service will be projected (if weather allows), and bulletins are available via email, accessible from the website, or simply click

  5. Cars will be spaced apart to allow for social distancing. You may lower you window to engage in conversation with those around you.

When at church, please feel free to ask any of the ushers with the bright hats any questions you may have.

What about the weather?

While the prayer is always that God will provide beautiful days for worship, there is no guarantee. Keep a close watch to email or social media to see latest announcements. We will be able to go ahead with light rain, but heavy rain or serious thunderstorms could damage our equipment. In the case of inclement weather, we will switch our worship to live-stream only.

Who is invited?

That is the best part! Everyone. Because of our precautions, and the ability to be completely contained within your car, all people, regardless of age or degree of medical risk, can come and worship. This is the reason why the church is pivoting to worship this way at this time.

Will there still be a livestream?

Yes! The car worship experience will be streamed live via our website and Facebook Live just as it has been these last few months.

How long will it be like this?

Isn’ t that the question! Church leadership has confirmed that this will be the course through June. We will re-evaluate at the June Board of Directors meeting.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. You can get a hold of me via email or via cell phone 217-430-7853. You can contact the church office as well.

Being blessed by God’s Word with you,

Pastor Jeremiah Jording

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