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Sunday School 3/29/2020


We want to welcome you back to our Online Sunday School Lesson for St. Paul Lutheran Church in SB. We continue to do this while our church services are still streaming and everyone is keeping their "social distance" from everyone else. We MISS your family, and want to stay in touch and give you the lessons that we would be covering if we were meeting at church.  Again if you want to see something more with our lessons, let us know - we are open to suggestions! Again, remember that the bonus activities are color coded, with red for youngest, yellow for middle class ages, and green for the oldest class.  You can surely use all of them if you want. I am adding the scripture reference for the lesson, so you can read in the Bible the corresponding verses. LESSON 2 - " A Prayer Lesson"  With Jesus disciples, we too implore,  "Lord, teach us to pray".  Jesus teaches His disciples-and all humankind-the prayer used throughout the Church to this day.  Jesus follows His instruction with a parable illustrating how our heavenly Father hears all our prayers.  Recite the Lord's Prayer as a family!   The Bible Verse:  Pray for one another.  James 5:16 The Learner Goal: I understand that Jesus teaches me to pray and promises that God hears and answers our prayers.

Scripture:  Luke 11: 1-13 Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, what a joy it is to come to You in prayer.  Thank you for bringing us together to study Your Word.  Teach us to pray and bless our time together.  In Your name we pray, Amen.

Well, this completes lesson #2 for SS.  Hope you were able to learn more about the Lord's Prayer as you reviewed it with your families.  I will be forwarding some crafts to you from Mrs. Ricks that you can make in your 'free time'.  Remember to review your Lenten calendar and sing HOSANA ROCK with the YouTube video and with your family.  Wish we could sing it together in church, but remember we will again and know that God ALWAYS hears ALL of our prayers and will answer them in the way He thinks it is best for us!

Love to all of our SS families and until next time, keep the faith, wash your hands and stay home!!

God be with all of you!  WE ARE 4G!!  WE ARE 4G!!  WE ARE 4G!!

Mrs. Skibbe and SS staff

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